Please note:

Allplan Quickstart is currently available for version Allplan 2014 only.

A new Allplan Quick Start for Allplan 2015 will be available soon.

Allplan Quickstart (CAD Tutorial)

The following example offers you a quick and easy entry into the world of Allplan. Follow the procedures shown and described in the film tutorial step-by-step and then try them out for yourself.

For this tutorial you will need a working version of Allplan 2014, for example, the 30-day trial version and the free Adobe Reader ».

Pleasedownload the Quickstart project data before beginning with the tutorial and install it by first unzipping and then double clicking on Setup_Allplan2014_Quickstart_eng.exe.
Please close Allplan before installation of the Quickstart project data.

We wish you a pleasant experience with Allplan Quickstart.


  • Quickstart Overview

    • QuickStart Overview
    • Requirements for QuickStart
    • Start Allplan

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Unit 1

  • Navigate the Building Model
    3D Section Display

    • Set up the user interface
    • Navigate the 3D building model
    • 3D section view of the building model
    • 3D PDF export

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Unit 2

  • Building Structure, Elevations and Reports

    • Generate views from the building model
    • Create views
    • Generate reports from the building model

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Unit 3

  • Using SmartParts for Furnishing

    • Use the library palette
    • Add furniture using SmartParts
    • Define SmartParts properties
    • Use track lines and handles

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Unit 4

  • Easy Designing with Wizards

    • Create building components
    • Change the drawing type
    • Create doors and windows
    • Design stairs

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Unit 5

  • Dimension and Modify Components

    • Dimension components
    • Modify components
    • Change window and door properties
    • Define display parameters

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Unit 6

  • The Intelligent Plane Model

    • Allplan plane model
    • Plane Manager
    • Component design using the plane model
    • Custom planes for flexible height definition

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Unit 7

  • Assemble and Export Layouts to PDF

    • Set up page
    • Add layout border and title block
    • Place layout elements in the layout
    • Label the layout
    • Design view - Grayscale preview - Color preview
    • Export a layout to PDF

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Unit 8

  • Engineering - General Arrangement Drawing

    • Ensure consistent drawings by using display favorites
    • Generate associative sections
    • Automatic dimensioning
    • Modify the settings for hidden line calculations

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Unit 9

  • Engineering - Reinforcement Detailing

    • Create automatic reinforcement
    • Create individual reinforcement
    • Place reinforcement labels
    • Control drawing contents and display modes in layouts

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Unit 10

  • Allplan Exchange

    • Export a set of plans in different data formats
    • Specify data formats and settings for export
    • Automatic file name generation
    • Assign export settings to recipients
    • Distribution of layout data using Allplan Exchange

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